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Dublin Bay Sea Temperatures

At Goat Boat Tours when running our Dublin Boat Tours, we are often asked what is the temperature of the sea in Dublin Bay?

A seagull standing on a thermometer measuring the sea temperature

The answer is that it varies from month to month and many factors dictate the water temperature in Dublin Bay, however sea temperatures in Irish Waters are increasing and have increased on average 0.6 C per decade since 1994.

This may sound great if you are a sea swimmer but it is bad news for the marine life in Dublin Bay.

The sea temperatures in Dublin Bay are generally the warmest in August and September. During the spring and summer months the sun begins to slowly warm the sea, reaching a peak water temperature of around 15 C.

As the sun lowers in the sky and the amount of daylight hours reduce, the sea temperatures begin to drop, with March being the coldest month. Sea temperatures in March can drop as low as 8 C.

The Dublin Bay Buoy is on X @DublinBayBuoy, posting the sea temperatures of Dublin Bay a number of times each day. While the buoy records accurate temperatures at its position, it is most likely not going to be the temperature of the water at the 40ft or Sandycove Beach.

The rising and falling tide, amount of rainfall in recent days, the depth of the water, rocky or sandy seabed can all have an impact positive or negative impact on the sea temperature.

The reality is that warm sea temperatures in Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea will have an negative impact on marine life. We should embrace the cold sea temperatures after all cold water immersion has many benefits such as boosting the immune system and promoting well-being.

Many People in the sea swimming taking in the health benefits of cold sea water temperatures

If you want to experience the temperature of the sea and dip your hand into the water instead of reading about it, then why not book a Dublin Boat Tour with us, Dublin’s Number One Boat Tour.

See you on the water soon – Goat Boat Tours


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