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Why choose Goat Boat Tours for your Dublin Bay boat tour?

Because Goat Boat Tours is the best Dublin bay boat tour. Explore Dublin Bay with us.

Our boat Billy Goat is a hand built, one of a kind boat, with a 300hp powerful, but yet fuel efficient and relatively quiet engine. When designing our boat, passenger safety and comfort was at the forefront. While could have squeezed in another passenger seat, we felt that this would have an negative impact on the comfort and overall experience of the other passengers, so with that in mind we left out the twelfth seat, meaning more space for passengers. 

A Rigid inflatable boat from a Dublin Bay boat tour company called Goat Boat Tours
Our Tour Boat - Billy Goat

Another consideration was the location of the skippers driving  position, and whether passengers would sit in front of or behind the skipper. In line with best practice we decided to seat all the passengers in front of the skipper, so they have a visual of the passengers at all times. 

passengers sitting on a rib boat ready for their boat tour the rib is black with yellow writing saying goat boat tours on the sides
Passengers Ready for their Adventure with us

Our skippers and crew have a combined 50 years on the water in Dublin Bay from Killiney Bay to Howth and beyond. With this experience comes the knowledge of knowing where to find Dublin Bays incredible marine life, everything from seabirds to jellyfish , porpoises, seals and dolphins.

Having grown up in the area, we can tell you who lives in some of the most jaw dropping houses on our coastline and some tales along the way, only as long as you can keep a secret!!!

Our Dublin Bay cruise prices  are very competitive and we offer separate adult and child prices, along with group discounts and corporate packages.

We can confidently say that there is no other boat tour or boat like Billy Goat, so why not book a Dublin boat tour with Goat Boat Tours, Dublin’s Number One Boat Tour.

See you on the water soon !

Conor & Ed


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